stitched_up_mew (stitched_up_mew) wrote in slamnation,


Fly away, 

Silently singing

Freedom searching 

Take flight on wings 

Made of stardust and cloud

Escape the dirty, taunting man

Let your aspirations be your guide into the unknown 

Let your sorrow keep you adrift 

Oh, sweet sparrow, whose voice haunts my soul 

Why do you touch the ground 

When you could live amongst clouds instead?

Are humans more fun to watch

Are they more fun to tease?

With their heads in the clouds 

And meager thoughts flying about

Like deformed children

They grow into monsters 

And they take

Never giving 

Are you disgusted by our useless 


The fire or touching the sun

The lips pressed to windows

Eyes searching for answers 

Where there are no questions

 Yes, we must seem so silly to you

And cruel as well

Is it wrong to you that we blind you 

Ad make you sing?

I’m sure you must not mind much, 

For it takes a willing subject to be caught 

By unskilled men’s hands

But sparrow 

If I could

I’d leave with you 

And leave this disserted  no mans land

To forever be in your grace


Goodbye until we meet again

I will always look to you as a friend 

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