exaspéré, exaspéré! (brucevbracken) wrote in slamnation,
exaspéré, exaspéré!

Untitled Pantoum

Untitled Pantoum

This is my road-loving psychopomp.
Lick her titanium like candy.
Chicago punk on the radio,
apartment yard by the interstate.

Lick her titanium like candy,
bottle-green like gas station promise.
Apartment yard by the interstate:
backseat car window astronomy.

Bottle-green like gas station promise,
lullabies of radio static.
Backseat car window astronomy,
call-letter Ks become Ws.

Lullabies of radio static.
Is this the new desert state ahead?
Call-letter Ks become Ws,
as we cross the bridge to Illinois.

Is this the new desert state ahead?
There's no one in the apartments now.
As we cross the bridge from Illinois,
I turn my back on the fixed machine.

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