brian_nailer (brian_nailer) wrote in slamnation,

Skeleton Doors

We must open up the doors between the worlds
has your son collected keys?
They are the skeletons that soon will be reborn as new realities
The single greatest window you can open is the one that keeps the shifting breeze at bay between the trees
For if the winds of change are locked away
What is the point of hoping that your love will stay
Just as it is
For in stagnation lies frustrations
And another step delivers suicide
But not for I
for there are better things to do than sit and die
While all the world is getting by

And words are given to the people as a gift
Ready made to fill the rift
Between their morals and their minds
For thought is power that corrupts if not controlled and purified

You must leave childhood behind when you have learned the difference between what's right and what is wrong
We have been slumbering too long
The morning's come
There is no chosen one
For each of us must make a choce to be more than a voice
We must act
What are the voices for if not to inspire action?
Why not enable this transaction
And instead be an example and discard this poison apple we call violence
and hatred, theft and murder, extortion, double-dealing, over-taxing, famine, pretend health-care, inferior education, rape, molestation, environmental carelessness, racism, sexism, homophobia, drug addiction, commercial religion and insidiously dangerous philosophies

We must discard these toxic fruits
And burn the trees that sprouted them
It is the necessary course that we must take
In order to ensure our own survival and the ongoing salvation of our children

This is not a revolution
It is a sobering
A slap to shock the faces of our nation
Into seeing what it is they have become
The grinning bourgeois spoiled and accustomed to the humiliating worthlessness of decadence

Not only voices are we given
But hands and feet as well
That we must use to build a future where clocks will still be useful
Looked upon by the descendents of those parents living now
Who had the courage to help rouse the world from its destructive lifelong nap


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