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New poem

Cedar Oil (Sleep and Wear)

They sprayed again this week
to kill the parasites.
It's a cedar oil cloud,
a two-hour settle -down,

to kill the parasites.
Are we exorcised yet?
A two-hour settle-down.
Let's obey the rip-off.

Are we exorcised yet?
Thick as a plastic lie.
Let's obey the rip-off.
The snakes smell like trees now.

Thick as a plastic lie.
Within measurable-
the snakes smell like trees now-
of the next start-over.

Within measurable
distance of public health
Of the next start-over.
I itch so much less no.

Distance of public health
From the tax-gun barrel:
I itch so much less no.
Save me from parasites,

From the tax-gun barrel,
o belovèd won't you
save me from parasites,
you loving parasite.

O belovèd, won't you
soak up my sleep and wear,
You loving parasite,
at false market value?

Soak up my sleep and wear;
fall out in my sanctum.
At false market value,
will you rid me of you?

Fallout in my sanctum,
suddenly the rush hour.
Will you rid me of you?
No time to save groceries;

suddenly the rush hour.
No time for plastic bags,
no time to save groceries,
no time left to shower.

No time for plastic bags
to save my daily wear.
No time left to shower
when turned out of my bed.

Do save my daily wear,
to soak up your concern.
When turned out of my bed,
reeking obedience.

Do soak up your concern
with the means of my life.
Reeking obedience,
sleep and wear your concern.

Bruce V. Bracken

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